eforo olive oil products
eforo olive oil products

It all started many decades ago, in the fertile Laconian land, when our ancestors began to be actively involved in the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil. Over the years, the love for the cultivation of the precious olive fruit and the passion for the production of excellent quality olive oil was transmitted from generation to generation and led to the creation of EFORO, with our uncle Giannis Plagakis as the main inspiration.

Our vision is to share the treasure of our place with all of you, who are looking for the genuine intense taste of an extra virgin olive oil, and to guide you in the laconic tradition and agri-food. Enjoy!

eforo olive oil products

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The trademark of the Greek and Mediterranean diet, olive oil has been established in international gastronomy as one of the best raw materials in cooking.

Anna Maria

The quality of organic oil becomes distinct from the intense genuine
taste like that of our favorite eforo bio oil.


Excellent quality olive oil with an acidity of 0.3 that should not be missing from our diet.



Produced by: Eforo Oil, Xirokambi, 23100 Sparta Laconia

eforo olive oil products
eforo olive oil products